MICL Share Transfar Facility

  1. Shareholders who want to sell shares write to the company indicating the number of shares they want to sell, the price they want to sell at and surrender their certificates to the company.
  2. The company secretary receives the above and sends an email to all shareholders and prospective shareholders inviting them to bid for the above shares within a period of 1 week.
  3. The bids are received on the last day. The shares are allotted to the highest bidder, subject to acceptance of the price by the seller. In case of a tie, the shares are allotted on an equitable basis.
  4. The seller is contacted to sign the share transfer form first then the buyer sign and issue a cheque to MICL.
  5. The Seller is issued is issued with a cheque once the buyer’s cheque has cleared from MICL’s bank account.
  6. Buyers are issued with share certificates each quarter, share transfer forms are sent to the company secretary for stamping.

Members’ Deposit Account Details

Bank          : Standard Chartered

Branch       : CSC Head Ofiice

Ac Name    : Mhasibu Investment Company Limited

Ac Number : 0105016803700