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Economic Areas of Investment

Real Estate

With the ever growing demand for the limited resource of land, real estate industry has become one of the most, if not the most, lucrative investment venture in Kenya. At Mhasibu Investment we invest in Real Estate, with the aim of growing our investment returns to the maximum. Our strategy is to lead the way in providing real estate to the Kenyan investor in the best locations available. We look to purchase medium to large sized parcels of in attractive locations which are suitable for master-planning.
Where returns are attractive, we also invest in new constructions usually within city centers or urban settings where utilities and services are already present, with this we are able to sell to the public and our members.

Stock market

Trading on the stock market is also one of the most lucrative forms of investment available. It takes an experienced trader to make quality decisions. With smart investing - where you pay close attention to what you're doing - you can realize a great return on your investment.
We at MICL do just that, with our experienced investors we purchase stocks from well reputable growing investments.
Over the long haul, good stocks are highly likely to gain a positive return on your investment. Short term investments, on the other hand, are more volatile and potentially more risky, although they can provide a quick return on your investment.
With this in mind our investment team is always keen on identifying potential investments in the stock market with the highest probability of growth to invest in.

Offshore Investments

Offshore investing involves investing your money in a foreign bank, or investing in opportunities outside of your countries jurisdiction. This may be advantageous as it may except your investment from certain TAX in your home countries thus may be quite profitable. Offshore investing is legal, but the process of going offshore is complex and must be done by a company or firm that you trust, as the guidelines are very specific as to what is legal, and what is illegal offshore investing.
Our investments give you access to a wide range of markets and funds, with a choice of currencies to invest in. At MICL borders do not limit our investment outreach , we find the offshore investments that suit our investors. Currently we hold shares in banking sector in our neighboring countries like Uganda.

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