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Corporate Governance

Mhasibu Investment Company Limited (MICL) is committed to the highest standard of governance in order to create value for the shareholders investment. As a public company, MICL is aware of the public’s expectations and in pursuit of the ideals of a fully compliance company, the Board has adopted best corporate governance principles and strict ethical standards. These are the basic values that drive the behaviour and conduct of both the Board members and staff of the company.

 There are four main committees established by the Board under clear terms of reference                          

1. Investment committee                                   

James Mworia - Chairman                              
Tom M. Gitogo                                               
Winfred Wanjama                              

2. Finance & Audit Committee

Isaac Kiragu – Chairman
James Wambugu
Michael Matimu

3. Nominations Committee

James Wambugu – Chairman
Isaac Kiragu

4. Real Estate Committee

Isaac M. Kiragu - Chairman
Winfred Wanjama
Patrick K. Njoroge
Julius Muchiri
Steve Okello

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