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Why invest with us?

Why invest with us / Benefits to investing in MICL

At Mhasibu Investment Company Limited, we are goal oriented.Increasing wealth and ensuring high return on investment is our forte. Our members get to enjoy annual dividends, Bonus shares and most of all, capital appreciation.

Ensuring our shareholders get value for their investment is our highest priority. We focus  on long-term success and stability.
Some of the ways we ensure this  are:

    • By investing in high potential unquoted shares
    • Investing in emerging markets to supplement offshore markets.
    • Investing through pooled property funds instead of directly
    • Investing in highly profitable quoted shares
    • The current focus is on investments which individual members cannot undertake on their own easily
    • We have an aggressive but prudent investment strategy
    • Shareholders can use their shares in MICL as collateral for SACCO loans
Company gives you the opportunity to save at your own pace. If you experience temporary hard times you can take a holiday from your contributions without a penalty. And in the worst case scenario you can sell your shares for cash To serve members effectively, MICL has a full time secretariat that you can contact for more information.

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