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Vision: “Bringing Superior returns to members”
Mission Statement: “MICL shall bring posterity to members and their dependents in a lean and efficient manner”

MICL Shares your vision, superior as it may be. The assuring fact about us is that we invest in the best deals the market has to offer. Those investments that would be just a dream to an individual are made a reality by bringing resources together. We keep tabs with the changes in the stock market and make investment decisions that are most promising. We are the type of firm that will help you build a diverse investment portfolio. 

The company is under the leadership of competent directors who have a wealth of experience in the finance world and who help arrange your finances to your advantage. Our investment portfolio is made up of many investments. In real estate which we have had very fulfilling returns.  Real estate is an area of investment whose return grows by the day. MICL has a lot of experience in real estate and always makes informed decisions regarding this investment. The other major areas of investment are in the money and stock market. We keep track of the daily goings on in the stock exchange and no viable investment opportunity can bypass us. As such, we invest in the best there is in the market.

MICL remains committed to bringing posterity to members and their dependents in a lean and efficient manner. We emphasize prudent diversification into investments to reduce risk and focus, to enhance returns for our investors.

Our investment portfolio consists broadly of investments in private equity, listed equity and real estate.

we are working towards being among the most successfull investors in the whole of Africa

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